Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I feel hungry with the “Perfect Diet”? Answer: No. Should that happen, it wouldn’t be the “Perfect Diet”.

Question: Is this diet a chemical one? Answer: No. It includes all the food groups. Fruits, vegetables, starting from day one. The chemical diets don’t have this variety.

Question: Is this diet calories-based? Answer: No. Although the calories are controlled, you neither count, nor weigh, nor are under the pressure of calculation all the time. The quantities are not unchecked, but they’re definitely filling.

Question: Will I be feeling I have some psychological support, lacking a live contact? Answer: Definitely. Please read what our friends said, with whom we already cooperated, and you’ll realize this personally. We are at your side throughout your course, with advice, psychological support, listening to your problems, and strengthening your morale.

Question: If I falter somewhere, will I be helped to go back in track and regain my proper rhythm? Answer: It goes without saying! No one goes without help in the issue of correction in “Perfect Diet”.

Question: Will I later gain the pounds that I’ll lose? Answer: No way, if you perform correctly the homeostasis and the conservation that follows it.

Question: Will the cravings and the mad desire that I feel for sweets calm down? Answer: Yes, already from the third day of the diet.

Question: Supposing I start — can I stop any time I want? Answer: But of course! However, you won’t wish to do it before you arrive at your target. You won’t wish it due to the happiness you’ll be feeling thanks to the success you’ll be witnessing already by the first week in your body, your mood, as well as your appearance and clothes.

Question: Is this diet, with its accompanying advice, costly? Answer: Yes, very much; because in the end you must change your entire wardrobe, buying new clothes from scratch!! That’s what a friend of ours said.

Question: If I travel often, or go out with my friends, will I get any support about habits I should have? Answer: Clearly, because there is always a solution, so that you both go out and simultaneously take care so that you eat properly and intelligently, so the fruits of your efforts aren’t wasted.

Question: Should I be weighing myself every day? Answer: If that helps you, yes; if it becomes an obsession, then no. Once per week suffices.

Question: Will I lose muscular tissue with “Perfect Diet”? Answer: Definitely not!! Only fat.
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